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Events @ Electronics & Communication Engineering Department
IEEE SPS Sponsored 3 days workshop On Image Processing Using Python and Open CV on RASPBERRY PI 17-19 February, 2017 Co-ordinated By
Dr. Mita C. Paunwala, Dr. Amisha J. Shah, Prof. Mayana J. Shah
One Day Seminar on Satellite Communication 5 March, 2016 Co-ordinated By
Dr. Ninad Bhatt, Asst. Prof. Sharmila Rana, Asst. Prof. Ankita Prajapati
Workshop - HANDS ON LINUX 6 September, 2014 Co-ordinated By
Dr. Ninad S. Bhatt, Asst. Prof. Vyomal N. Pandya
One day workshop On Recent Trends in Embedded Systems 30 August, 2014 Co-ordinated By
Prof. Harikrishna C. Parmar, Prof. Priyanka Lineswala
Workshop - Fundamental of Image Processing 2 August, 2014 Co-ordinated By
Dr. Mita C. Paunwala, Prof. Amisha J. Shah
Expert Lecture by Mr. Mukesh Palsanawala, Prolific, Surat, on Topic : "Industrial Automation & PLCs " 24 September, 2013 Co-ordinated By
Expert Lecture by Mr. Sameer Vora, RIL, Hazira, Surat, on Topic : "Automation & SCADA Systems" 28 February, 2013 Co-ordinated By
Expert Lecture by Mr. Meerabo Shah, TCS on Topic, "Drive Your Career after Engineering" 17 April, 2013 Co-ordinated By
ISTE Approved Workshop on Embedded System 7-8 November, 2009 Co-ordinated By
Ms. Priyanka L. Lineswala, Mr. Rahul V. Mehta
Workshop on Robotics 1 March, 2008 Co-ordinated By