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About Electrical Engineering Department

The department of Electrical Engineering at C.K.P.C.E.T has been active in education since its inception 1998. The department offers four-year under-graduate program in Electrical Engineering. The total student strength of this department is presently 240 with 60 intake.

Currently about 16 committed faculty members (1 Professor, 2 Associate Professor, 9 Assistant Professor and 4 Lecturers) are engaged in the areas of;

  • Electrical machines
  • Control systems
  • Signal processing
  • High voltage engineering
  • Power Electronics and Power Systems
Total Publications : 38 National Conference, 21 International Conference.

Faculties are encouraged to take independent initiatives with collective responsibility in all the relevant academic and R&D dimensions – teaching, Curriculum development, and Graduate Research supervision etc. So we welcome you to this arena of the world, which holds the pride of being a pioneer in the area of Electrical Engineering even when most of the world was evolving the subject.