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UDISHA Responsibility Name of Member Designation Email Address
Patron Dr. Anish Gandhi Principal principal@ckpcet.ac.in
Coordinator Prof. Deepak C. Bhonsle I/C Head T & P Cell tnp@ckpcet.ac.in
Department Representative Prof. Dipi Patel Asst. Prof., Civil dipi.patel@ckpcet.ac.in
Prof. Yogesh Kapuriya Asst. Prof., Computer yogesh.kapuriya@ckpcet.ac.in
Prof. C K Lad Asst. Prof., Electrical chetan.lad@ckpcet.ac.in
Prof. H K Parmar Asst. Prof., Electronics & Communication harekrishna.parmar@ckpcet.ac.in
Prof. Kalpesh D Maniya Asst. Prof., Mechanical kalpesh.maniya@ckpcet.ac.in

Line of Actions Executed

  • UDISHA Club Formation
  • Formation of Departmet committee for IDPs/review process
  • Departmental Presentations for Faculties and students to make them aware about Innovation Sankul /UDISHA Club activities & objectives/IDP/UDP concepts
  • Monthly meeting of UDISHA Club
  • List preparation of specific inductries/sectors with contact details
  • Industry communication for introducing concept of GTU Innovation Council
  • Issue NOCs for sending students in the inductries for searching IDPs
  • Formation of IDP Groups and assignment of guides
  • IDP/UDP Technology mining by HOD/Faculties along with students
  • IDP identification & follow up
  • Finding users for the already defined UDPs.
  • Project Group formation
  • Departmental Periodic check/review of IDPs
  • Conduction of periodic examination/evaluation/monthly meet to check the progress in IDPs/UDPs assigned.