Expert Talks
date_range 2017-18
  • 04-04-2018 Restructured Power system and smart grid technologies for EED
    Dr. C. K. Chanda, Professor, Electrical Engineering Dept.
    IIEST, Howrah - 711103. ELED
  • 23-03-2018 Introduction to FACTs Devices for EED
    Dr. Hitesh Jariwalla, Associate Professor & Former Head, Electrical Engineering Dept.
    SVNIT, Surat. ELED
  • 01-02-2018 Expert Talk on Industrial Engineering for MED
    Dr. Tushar N Desai
    SVNIT, Surat. MEED
  • 31-01-2018 The Indian Air Forced (IAF ) Visit to CKPCET
    Wing Commander(s)-Mr. Ashutosh Verma -Mr. M Joseph, Flying Officer Mr. Vivek Beniyal and others
    Indian Airforce ALL
  • 30-01-2018 Awareness Program and Sensitization of SSIP
    Prof. R. N. Mehta, Associate Professor, Mechanical Department
    Dr. S & S Gandhi Engg. College, Surat. ALL
  • 18-01-2018 Power systems Protection for Futuristic Power Systems
    Dr. Manoharsing, Engineering Officer
    CPRI(Power System Division) ,Bangalore ALL
  • 18-01-2018 Seminar on Interview Etiquette & Body language related to placements.
    Shanti Business School ALL
  • 22-09-2017 Expert Talk on Embedded Systems By ECCD
    Mr. Vipul Prajapati, Sr. Embedded Software Developer
    Whirlpool of India ECED
  • 24-07-2017 Future Scenario and Job prospect for an Engineer in an Industry By EED
    Mr. Sharadbhai Patel, (Retired).Sr. Manager
    Torrent Power Ltd. ELED
  • 13-07-2017 Career Advice for BE II Sem III, Aptitude Test for BE III Sem V, Study Abroad for BE IV Sem VII
    Endeavor Careers ALL
  • 04-07-2017 Objective Sharing Seminar of GTU Innovation Council Club for EED
    Prof. Chetan K. Lad, Dept. Coordinator, GTU Innovation Council Club, EED Yash Patel and Hardik Randeria, SPC Members, B. E. IV, EED
  • 29-06-2017 Advanced Techniques in Bus bar Protection By EED
    Dr. Nilesh Chothani, Associate Professor, EED,
    A.D. Patel Institute of Technology, V.V. Nagar. ELED
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