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The Founder

Late Shree Chhotubhai K Pithawala

Chhotubhai Pithawalla, the founder of the "C. K. Pithawala College of Engineering and Technology", Surat, fondly known to his friends and admirers as "C.K." was a man with a difference. Born in a humble family in the sleepy coastal village of Bhimpor in surat District, C. K. grew up by dint of hard work and an iron will to serve the poor and needy and founded industrial units, sports complexes, hospitals and educational institutions and helped numerous organizations with his philanthropy. This self-effacing personality was firmly believing that his generous charity is but a humble contribution to the development of society and the nation at large. He was firmly believing that education becomes an instrument for effective social change provided that it is combined with wisdom, devotion and karmayog that is why accords priority to funding educational institutions by his munificent donations.

Though born in a humble middle class family, Chhotubhai Pithawalla, by sheer determination, hard work and unfailing sense of purpose established industrial houses both in India and abroad. The contribution of the Pithawalla Group in the industrial development of the country is remarkable.

It is indeed difficult, if not entirely impossible, to keep oneself out of power and self-aggrandizement in the present day world. Chhotubhai, however, was a glorious exception to this. Humble by nature, soft spoken and spreading the fragrance of love for children, for women and elders, he had won the hearts of all he had come into contact with. He firmly believed in the trusteeship principle enunciated by the father of the nation whose teachings have had a lasting effect on his thinking. It is this conviction that had prompted him to found Educational Trusts for the dissemination of knowledge without consideration of caste, creed, community, sex, religion or nationality.

The Pithawalla clan consists of his sons Shri Ashokbhai, Shri Ajitbhai, Shri Chandravadanbhai, Shri Maheshbhai and daughters Smt. Ushaben and Smt. Induben who have truly lived up to the principles set by their (Late)mother Smt. Maniben C. Pithawalla and illustrious father Shri C. K. Pithawalla. They are continuously striving to repay the debts of the nation. Deepest and heartiest CONGRATULATIONS are due them for being truly great citizens of the country.

The dream of establishing a College of Engineering and Technology with acceptable standards would have sounded utopian but for the tremendous encouragement provided by the Pithawalla family who have translated a fond dream into a living reality. Their industries in India and abroad have ample name and fame to their credit.

Establishment of The C. K. Pithawala college of Engineering and Technology has added one more luminous feather to their already brilliantly shining plume.