Vision and Mission


To prepare engineering graduates with sound fundamental knowledge and professional competence to meet the requirement of engineering profession locally as well as globally.


To provide state of the art teaching learning process.
To provide conducive environment and necessary infrastructure to students and staff for academic and research.
To create effective interaction with industries, other institutes and government organizations for mutual benefits and promoting research activities.
To enhance the co-curricular skill of students for developing professional competence and thereby enhancing employability and promoting entrepreneurship.
To enhance teaching skill and technical knowledge of faculties.

We primarily focus on giving quality education and using it to make a true impact on society and culture.

  • To have greater appreciation for professionalism, values and integrity.
  • To work extensively for the creation of new knowledge.
  • To inculcate strong understanding of the complex inter-disciplinary subjects.
  • To create realization that the application of science can solve the world's problems.
  • To infuse extensive development of written and communicative skills.
  • To provide solid foundation of scientific principles skills and practical training.
  • To develop teaching, administrative and R & D Skills.
  • To impart quality vocational and scientific education through basic and applied research.
  • To improve the quality and value of human irrespective of gender, caste, nationality or religion.
  • To be truly innovative, interdisciplinary and international.