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  • To promote and provide services for its alumni, especially encouraging their continuing growth, personally and professionally, and a spirit of fraternity among alumni.
  • To assist in placement of students.
  • To recognize the distinguished services of its alumni through awards.
  • To compile and maintain a history of Institution.
  • To foster a spirit of loyalty in the Alumni to both for GTU and the graduating Institute.
  • To strengthen the ties between alumni, the community, and the organization, where the alumni may be working.
  • To organize cultural and social activities, to set up facilities, which can help bring together the alumni and the CKPCET community.

Why to be a member of CKPCETAA?


  • Reunions: Can easily access and get involved in the association
  • Online Directory
  • Recruit: Complimentary Career Coaching Consultation Session, Career Advisory Network, Career Development Network


  • Alumni Programs
  • Student Programs like Scholarships
  • Instituted by Alumni in due course of time


  • E-newsletter
  • Social Media like Facebook, twitter.
  • E-Mail facility