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Future engineers often ask why do we study applied sciences and humanities. Do we really need these to become engineers ?

Well, Of course, we need applied science and humanities for better understanding, presentation of the solution and implementation of the concepts of engineering.

Applied sciences plays an important role in the study of new ideas for instant stability, error estimation and structural problems of algorithms to mention just a few.

Trends are driven by supply and demand : supply of powerful new mathematical and computational methods and of enormous computer capacities, demand to solve problems of growing complexity and size arising from more and more sophisticated systems or production process from extreme physical bond like space travel from materials with unusual properties like plastics always.

Details are difficult to predict without the solid knowledge of basic principles of applied science and impossible to present the solution without the knowledge of humanities.Therefore the three phases of solving engineering problems are incomplete without the base of applied science and humanities.Three phases being modeling, solving the problems and interpretation of the engineering problems.

We have a team of young and enthusiastic faculties specialized in shattered areas. To be specific 1 Associate Professor, 2 Assistant Professor and 4 Lecturers in department of Mathematics, 2 Lecturers in Physics department and 1 Lecturer each in Management and English & Communication department.



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